Hi, I’m Stephanie! Welcome to our life, essentially.

Here is everything you need to know about me.

Born in the 80’s and love it, but still a grungy 90s kid at heart. Flannel is my comfort zone, but the teenage angst have passed (hallelujah!)

I’m a married to my best friend (no, really I mean it), we’re together 24 hours a day. We share an office, a house, a car, and a kid…but at least we still leave the bathroom door closed.

Speaking of the kid, we do have only one (no, we don’t plan to have more and no, we’re not going to have another just so he won’t be lonely). He’s of course the cutest, smartest, and most well behaved kid that ever existed.

I own a small business that I kind of stumbled my way into a decade ago. It’s a HUGE piece of me, and like another child.

I’m a Christian and proud of it! In our family our faith and relationship to God come first. 

I love food…like, completely in love with food. Not so much eating, but planning, studying, preparing, creating food. Along with being grungy, I’m slightly crunchy too. I’m a big believer in eating whole nutritious foods. I tend to get on my soap box about eating real food, and can get sucked into a documentary like Food Inc real quick. I like to spend my time in the kitchen getting creative with new Whole30 and Paleo meals that please the foodie in me.

I love, love essential oils! I’m a big believer in how they contribute to a a person’s health and wellness. Young Living essential oils are the ones for me and I’m happy to share with you why!

My family and I love to go anywhere with mountains. Our family vacations usually consist of hiking, fishing, and enjoying nature.

Books and books upon books…I love them and hoard them.

I may or may not spontaneously burst into song and dance on a frequent basis.