Stories For My Son #8

Stories For My Son

Today, I’m continuing my journey of documenting stories about me to share with my son. I’m following topics that were provided by You can find a list of previous topics and posts at the bottom of this page.

What Are Five Passions You Have?

In no particular order…

1. Your dad and our marriage. He is my other half, my best friend, and I still have such a crush on him. It is important to us both that you see us as a good example of a biblical marriage. Supporting him and loving him is very important to me and I don’t always get it right. But, I do know that I’ll spend the rest of our lives working on it.

2. Food. This is probably pretty obvious, but your mom loves food. I like to shop for food, come up with new ideas of how to prepare food, eat food, take pictures of food, talk about food, share food.

3. Clean Living. You knew how to read the word organic at the age of five. You knew that an item probably wasn’t going in the cart, if that magical word wasn’t on the package. This passion should be of no surprise to you. I spend a good portion of my time sharing with anyone who will listen, all about Young Living essential oils and what they have done for our family’s health. When I combine my passion for food with my passion for clean living…watch out now…that’s when things get really exciting. I love that you go on this toxin free, cleaning living ride with me.

4. Christ. I am a Christian and I am passionate about building that relationship with Him. I know you know this about me already and I pray that whenever you are old enough to read these letters, that this is even more true.

5. Building people up. I love to help people in tangible ways. I love to help people in not so obvious ways. The whole reason I’m even an employer is to explore this passion. I go to the office every day for my tribe. I show up for them. I work toward and explore ways to build them up to be the best versions of themselves they can be. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not even the best version of myself that I could be. But, I love pouring into other people and watching them grow.

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