August 2018 – Monthly Promotions

Well moms, back to school is here. Either your about to pull your hair out if your kids don’t get out of the house, or your little baby is about to be gone from you all day long (I’m not crying, you’re crying). Which ever side of the back to school spectrum you fall on, it’s definitely the beginning of the next phase in the year. The mornings are a little less, “I’ve already sweat through my clothes” and a little more of that crisp fall breeze. Sports are gearing back up (Boomer Sooner!), and you just know there is at least one store out there that is already playing Christmas music. As you gracefully ease into this season or as it smacks you right in your face, Young Living has some awesome August promos to help you out.

For those new to Young Living, these promos are another great benefit for their members. Each month they have FREE products they give away when your order reaches a certain PV amount (PV usually equivalent to $). To qualify for the freebies you must place a single Quick Order and/or Essential Rewards order (only essential rewards orders will earn the Essential Rewards Exclusive oils) that meets one of the above PV requirements. When you do that, voila!….Young Living sends the qualifying product FREE with your order. Seriously, if you’re not on ER and you’re ordering products….enroll! You’re missing out on an opportunity to get free product.

Let’s take a closer look at these FREEBIES.

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive 5 ml Spearmint– Rub a few drops over your lower abdomen, your tummy will thank you. You can also diffuse for an uplifting and calming scent.  

15 ml Wintergreen– Great for all things muscle!

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive 5 ml Ravintsara– Combine with coconut oil to make an invigorating chest rub or diffuse to promote a stimulating environment.

15 ml Aroma Siez– This is another must have for your muscles!

Bamboo Oil Storage Bar– You all know I love me some SWAG and this cute little oil bar is going on my desk so I can proudly display my office oils.

5 ml Acceptance- Diffuse this oil to stimulate the mind and open yourself up to new people and things.

Any items designated as ‘Essential Rewards Exclusive’ are only available on qualifying Essential Rewards orders.

If you’re ready to join the world of essential oils and start your journey of a healthier body and home, I highly recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best group of starter oils and at a discounted price!

Share with us in the comments, are you Team Yahoo or Team Boohoo for back to school?

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