Spring Breakin’: Part Two

I’ve been sharing our Spring Break adventures in the family fun town of Branson, Missouri. You can catch up on Part One here. Today I want to fill you in on our second day of adventures.

If there is an interest or hobby, there is going to be a museum for it in Branson…that’s just plain fact. Little B is a museum junkie, so it’s perfect for our family. Slowly, but surely we will visit all the museums this town has to offer. We started off at the Branson Dinosaur Museum. As is the case with most little boys at some point in life, Little B loves the dinos. He got a kick out of this museum seeing all the huge exhibits. Mr. Be and I kind of felt it was a little lackluster, but Little B had fun and that’s the important thing.

Right next door was the World’s Largest Toy Museum, so we obviously had to check that out. Talk about a collection! If there was ever a toy made, there is a collection of it here. Little B enjoyed some parts (Hot Wheel collection for instance), but for the most part wasn’t impressed. I think Mr. B and I got more of a kick out of it. I imagine it would be the same for most adults. It is pretty cool to see toys from your youth displayed….cool and sad…weren’t the 90s just like twenty years ago????

Our last stop was all aboard the Branson Scenic Railway. This 40 mile scenic train ride takes you through tunnels and gives you some awesome views of the Ozarks. Get your ticket ahead of time online, so you are one of the first to board (ticked holders 1-25). Then you can get one of the coveted second level seats! This was the highlight of the day and I recommend it!

We headed home after the train ride and a full day to relax and eat dinner. We still have some classics ahead of us with Silver Dollar City and the Branson Belle! Come back soon for Part Three.


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