June 2018 – Monthly Promotions

I’ll tell you what, our summer is in full swing! We started with a bang and have already been away from home the first two weeks of school being out. I am anti-procrastination, so I like to get the summer travel checked off. I know others like to spread it out to break of the chunk of time. But, I also don’t like taking a lunch break during the work day so that probably tells you all you need to know about me.

Per usual, this month’s promos are designed to fit your summer break perfectly…typical Young Living! Plus there is an added tier this month with a most coveted oil up for grabs!

For those new to Young Living, these promos are another great benefit for their members. Each month they have FREE products they give away when your order reaches a certain PV amount (PV usually equivalent to $). To qualify for the freebies you must place a single Quick Order and/or Essential Rewards order (only essential rewards orders will earn the Essential Rewards Exclusive oils) that meets one of the above PV requirements. When you do that, voila!….Young Living sends the qualifying product FREE with your order. Seriously, if you’re not on ER and you’re ordering products….enroll! You’re missing out on an opportunity to get free product.

Let’s take a closer look at these FREEBIES.

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive 5 ml Orange Vitality– ♪♫ I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine ♫♪ That’s pretty much what Orange essential oil is. Add this vitality oil to your water, La Croix, fruit dip, or Ningxia Red!

15 ml Citronella– If you have ever participated in the great outdoors, then you are familiar with this scent or plant. The essential oil of the plant has the same action.

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive 15ml Cypress–Cypress is a great detoxing oil, helpful this time of year with flushing the body. Try using it with Young Living’s Cel-Lite Magic Massage oil, something I know lots of us may love a little extra help with this time of year?.

15 ml Lavender–This is an oil that even the newest of newbies has experience with. Perfect for your summer skin!

15 ml Lemongrass– I like this oil for my skin in the summer too…cause ya know…the great outdoors and it’s pesky friends like me waaaay too much. What can I say? I’m made of 100% pure sweetness ?. Be sure to dilute!

15 ml M-Grain– The cooling sensation to your neck and shoulders can help soothe away those summer stresses.

15 ml Roman Chamomile-You may have experience with chamomile in your sleepy time tea. This essential oil is highly coveted by moms and those that need a chill pill. Out of stock for some time, you are not going to want this opportunity to pass you by.

Any items designated as ‘Essential Rewards Exclusive’ are only available on qualifying Essential Rewards orders.

If you’re ready to join the world of essential oils and start your journey of a healthier body and home, I highly recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best group of starter oils and at a discounted price!

Where are you spending your summer?

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