Spring Breakin’: Part One

Each year, for the last four years, our family has packed up the car for Spring Break and headed to Branson, Missouri. Trust me, Branson is not the kitschy show and hillbilly vacation you may be envisioning (I mean it can be, but it doesn’t have to be). We love our trip to Branson, because it gives us the perfect balance of conventional amusement and fun out in nature. If you haven’t taken in the Ozarks beauty, I highly recommend you do!

Over the next several blog posts, I’m going to be sharing with you our Branson vacation tips and stories from this Spring Break.

We’re fortunate that this trip is an easy car ride for us. Just about a 5-6 hour journey. Before we get too far into the fun, let’s chat real quick about accommodations. We like to use Home Away to book our accommodations whenever we can, and have been lucky to be able to stay in the same cabin for three years now. It’s become our own little Missouri home away from home. However, there are so many condos and hotels that you can choose from to match your family’s budget and preferences. Do not…I repeat…do not get yourself sucked into a quick chat about a great time share opportunity they have for you.

One of the main reasons we rent a home is to have access to kitchen. First of all cooking is kind of my thang. Secondly, think of the money you save by not eating out. Lastly, think about how much your tummy will thank you when you’re not on day five of some chicken tenders and fries. So day one for us is all about travel and hitting up the grocery store.

After a lazy morning and some amazing lake side coffee, we got ourselves ready to go. We spent some time at Branson Landing, which is an outdoor mall with restaurants, shopping, and tourist experiences (like taking a zipline across Lake Taneycomo). We grabbed some lunch from The White River Fish House (a Bass Pro restaurant) and then did our part to boost the economy. Another fun thing at Branson Landing is that every hour there is a fountain show in front of the lake with fire and the national anthem. Little B loves it and really, we do too.

Our second and final stop of the day was to Branson’s Wild World. While humid and little bit stinky, it was a highlight for Little B. Along with seeing a variety of wild animals, you can even pay to feed sharks, hang out with dingoes, play mini golf and more!

I know you’re thinking this is a short day, but part of why we love going to Branson is access to nature. We spent the rest of the day fishing and relaxing.

Come back soon for Part Two!


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