Stories For My Son #9

Stories For My Son

Today, I’m continuing my journey of documenting stories about me to share with my son. I’m following topics that were provided by You can find a list of previous topics and posts at the bottom of this page.

List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how

1. My mom and dad. I’m putting them together, because one of the biggest influences has been them as a couple. I’m very fortunate to have made it through the 80s, 90s, and even now with my parents still married. Some of my friends weren’t so lucky. Seeing them stick together has heavily influenced my own thoughts on marriage. I grew up knowing that they were on the same team and to not ask them to keep secrets from each other, because they just wouldn’t do it.

2. My dad. Your pa-paw was my first example of a business owner and the hard work and dedication it takes.

3. My childhood preacher. I ignored God’s voice for a while. I’m thankful that my preacher pulled me aside one Sunday to talk with me about accepting Christ and putting him in charge of my life. It was the kick in the pants I needed to listen to where God was leading me.

4. My high school drama teacher. Theatre and music play a huge roll in my life. You’re aware of this as you and your dad often joke about how life in our home is like living in a musical. My high school drama teacher is who first introduced me to that world and encouraged and supported it.

5. My former boss. I purchased my company from my former boss and it was not a smooth ride. That process has influenced how I run my business and how I choose to be an employer.

6. My friend Chris. We met in college in Texas and it was his idea to transfer to The University of Oklahoma. If it hadn’t been for him, I’m not sure I would have moved. If I hadn’t moved I wouldn’t have met your dad, have my business, or you!

7. My husband. His patience, kindness, and willing to serve others is a constant influence in my life. He makes me better for sure.

8. My employees. While the people have changed over the years and will continue to change, their influence on me doesn’t. The weight of them depending on me to provide them with a flourishing company to work for and a rewarding place to be is what keeps me going and striving for more. Along the way many have touched my heart on a personal level too.

9. Jesus. Not to be cliche or corny here, but through reading the Bible and the works and beliefs of Jesus, He has greatly influenced how I try to approach others with love; regardless of who they are.

10. You. You have probably been one of the greatest influences on my life. You’ve changed me and how I behave, work, and act…all for the better.

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