Starter Kit Makeover

If you haven’t heard the great news, Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit got a makeover! I’m am so excited about the changes (and I already thought it awesome the way it was), she is looking mighty pretty with her new dress?.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain what the heck I’m talkin’ about. Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit is basically the beginners guide to getting started with essential oils. It is a collection of the eleven most popular oils, a diffuser, a 1 ounce sample of Thieves Household Cleaner (to put that into perspective, this sample will make you a 30 ounce bottle of the best all purpose cleaner you’ve ever used), and a wholesale membership to get 24% off future orders (like a Sams or Costco card). It’s a bundle of over $300 worth of awesome product, at half price for $160.00.

Now that we’ve got the deats out of the way, I’ll go on to the awesome changes. Young Living recently announced that they have swapped out two of the oils found in the kit with some really good ones, Citrus Fresh and Raven. They also swapped out one of the diffuser options to the beautiful (let me just say candle flicker mode) Desert Mist diffuser. Aaaaand they added in the awesome Thieves Household Cleaner I was just raving about. Before you can ask, no they did not raise the price. Isn’t that awesome!?

So why do I want you to know about this kit? Because I like to refer to it as my own little box of wellness. I’ve fallen so in love with these oils that I often find myself sharing about them, like the newest binge worthy show on Netflix. I’m passionate about making better (toxin free) choices for my family when I can. I’ve figured out how to best read labels and replace the junk in my kitchen. Now that I’ve been introduced to Young Living (you can read more here on why I chose Young Living), I’m figuring out how to best replace those yucky products in my cabinet with pure plant goodness.

If this sounds like you and you’re ready for some oils in your life, this kit is where you start. With the eleven oils you’ll get, you will find uses for so many areas of your life; rest, skin, immune system, cooking, health/beauty, discomfort, stress, focus, metabolism, and digestion just to name a few.

Common questions I get:

Q: Will I have to sell it?

A: No, only if you want to. No one will bug you about selling (cause that’s gross and uncomfortable) and you are not required to. It is a referral based business. So, if you do want to give out a referral link to other people who ask you about it (and they will), you can and you will earn cash for that referral.

Q: Will this open up the door to me being “sold” something all the time?

A: No. Buy what you want, when you want…cause again, that’s gross and uncomfortable.

Q: Will I have to pay a membership fee each month/year?

A: No. If you order about $50.00 of product each year, your membership will stay active. If you don’t, it won’t.

Q: Do you have to have training or know an aroma therapist to use oils?

A: No. You will want to familiarize yourself with basic usage. When you become a member you’ll have access to resources through Facebook groups, me, and literature.

Q: Do I need to eat granola and throw out my deodorant to use oils?

A: If that’s what floats your boat, but being granola isn’t a requirement. You can be a person that applies Stress Away while eating a Big Mac, no judgement here. It’s all about making better choices when you can, not about being perfect.

If you’re ready to order, hop on over to Young Living using my referral link and select the option to become a member. If you have questions, leave me a comment or send me an email. If you’re not ready…stick around for the family and food ?.

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