Diffuse This: Date Night

Diffuse This

 If you’re like us, you’ve decided that your Valentine’s celebration will be the weekend either before or after the big day. But I don’t want to limit you…you love birds can go crazy and celebrate before, on, and after Saint V’s Day! Whether you’re able to go out and paint the town or have to sneak in some romance after the kiddos bedtime, diffuse this blend to up your romance game.?

While we’re on the subject of romance and love, let me just get on my soap box real quick. Make sure you are making time for each other. Not time that you discuss logistics, kids, and your day,  but real time…connect. It’s important. Let your kids be totally grossed out by your kissing in the kitchen. Banish your phones and the TV and really focus on each other. Make time to love each other. And by all means…♪♫ Let’s get physical, physical…♫♪


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