I Draw In My Bible: Supplies

This last year, I picked up a new hobby…bible journaling. For those unfamiliar with this, there are bibles that are specifically designed for you to draw, doodle, or journal in the side margins. I have really been enjoying it. It’s been another creative outlet and a way for me to further meditate and reflect on scripture.

As I create in my bible, I’ll be sharing them with you. First, I want to share with you the supplies that I have found to be the best and most important to have on hand.

1. Journal Bible

I received this gorgeous bible for Mother’s Day. I like that is hard bound, that it has large print, and that there are pre-drawn images included that you can just color in. When you’re first getting started, you may find that coloring is an easier way to dive in.

2. Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are a must for coloring in the images you draw or the images already in the bible. You of course could go high dollar with some Prismacolor pencils, but I like these made by Crayola. They’re affordable, they don’t have to be sharpened, and they have plenty of colors.

3. Fine Point Ink Pens

Yes, using any pen will slightly show up on the page behind, but these won’t bleed through.

4. Tabs

You’ll want to bookmark your creations, so you can look back and reflect on them. There are so, so many different tabs available, these are what I’m currently using.

5. Gelatos

This is by far my absolute favorite bible journaling supply. Definitely grab some in your favorite shades.

6. Eraser

You’ll definitely want to always draw your images and words first in pencil. The erasers found on pencils will often leave some color or smears on your pages. With that being said, a good eraser is a must.

7. Highlighters

When reflecting on scripture, you will often find that there are verses that you want to highlight. I love this gel highlighters!

8. Idea Book

An idea book is good to have on hand to help get those creative juices flowing. You’ll also find help with lettering, tools, and styles. Pinterest has a ton of ideas and how-to posts and (BONUS) it’s free, but this book is my favorite.

That’s it! These are my must haves for your bible journaling starter kit. There are of course an abundance of stickers, stamps, paints, storage, etc… available, but if you’re just looking to dip your toes in and check the water, this is where to start.

Share with me your drawings and favorite supplies!


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