Utah Vacation: Part 6

With that we come to the final day of our Utah family vacation. If you want a refresh or are just joining the party, be sure to check out parts One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.

Our final day in Utah, we “hiked” the Timpanogos and drove the Alpine Loop. Those sarcastic quotation marks are there for “hike” since we didn’t go too far. We ran into another slithery friend and since I was already on the verge of hyperventilating just anticipating running into one, we decided to turn back around. We realized later it was a blessing in disguise as further the trail was snow covered and a storm opened up once we got back down.

The alpine loop was beautiful and one of our favorites. It’s one of those small windy roads that goes up and then back down the mountain. You can’t go above 45 mph. We rolled our windows down and pulled over to take mini hikes and investigate water falls along away. We were able to set a hiking milestone by hiking at our highest elevation yet, before the rain started up again. We had our usual sack lunch in the mountains and then drove the rest of the loop, which conveniently dumped us out at our cabin.

At this point we had crossed off all of our “must see” places, so we decided to do some repeats. Mr. B was feeling a little let down that the Middle Provo had not been fish-able. So, he decided to gear up (which takes like five million hours) and try another section of the river that was more calm. Lo and behold we could actually see fish. They were persnickety fish though and weren’t biting what Mr. B was dishing out. I wasn’t complaining since this section of the river was along a paved sidewalk and my snake phobia was able to be kept at a dull hum.

We loaded up and went back to the Sundance Lodge. We had enjoyed the lift our first day, so we decided to take it again. This time we continued all the way up to the top of the mountain. We were all old hands at loading and unloading the chair lift, I didn’t even get nervous…much. Serves me right though, Little B fell out of the chair at the drop off point when we reached the top of the mountain. He had the right instincts to stay low, so the chair didn’t hit him and after some hugs from mommy we were all good.

We oohed and aahed, snapped some pics, and headed back down the mountain to enjoy our final night in the cabin.

This trip was just what our family needed. Like so many of you, we go and go, until we can’t go anymore. Taking trips to areas with amusement parks and big fast paced cities can be fun, but this type of trip is good for the soul. Stop. Take a breath. Enjoy each other. Praise all that God has created and given to you to enjoy!

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