Utah Vacation: Part 5

I’ve been sharing highlights from our family vacation we took earlier this summer to the Salt Lake City area. To catch up, check out Parts One, Two, Three, and Four. Today is the long awaited day (at least for me), Young Living Farm Day!!!

When I became a Young Living member and learned that anyone is welcome to visit their farms, the crunchy part of me squealed with glee. I knew it was just a matter of time before I would make my way to visit one. We checked out the Visitors Center, which had some educational information and also quite a large store and gift shop. Guys…samples on all the products! There were also Ningxia slushies available for purchase. We got in line (slushies in hand) for the distillery tour.

It was so cool to be able and see the whole process in person! Even my 6 year old enjoyed learning about the process. The farm was heavy with the smell of Juniper and I was just amazed how it all felt so small and quaint. What it all boils down to is that it is just a family farm…no corporate or billion dollar company feeling to be found.

Where it all starts. Lavender seedlings before they are planted in the field.

Juniper drying out

Next we took a wagon tour of the property, where we got to check out the animals. They have a camel, some bison, and lots of horses.

There was so much to do, Matthew was definitely entertained. We ate a sack lunch and took in the view.  Next we checked out the Old West town (and Matthew thoroughly inspected and put to use the playground). We got a close up view of the horses and went back in time to a Medieval jousting arena. We also took a paddleboard ride in the pond surrounded by chamomile and lavender plants. Talk about an oilers dream!

We loaded up at the store with oils, books, shirts, and some ice cream with peppermint essential oil, which we enjoyed on the patio. With all the beauty around, we had plenty to look at!

After that we headed on back. We stopped in Provo by campus and picked up some SLABpizza to take back to the cabin, which is really good and worth a stop!

I really enjoyed the day and sharing my love of oils with my family. Mr. B was already on his way to becoming a fellow oiler, but I think this stop really won him over. I know I fell a little bit more in love with Young Living (which I didn’t think was possible)!

Stay tuned for our final day of the trip…


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