Utah Vacation: Part 4

I’ve been sharing our summer vacation adventures to the Salt Lake City area. If you need to catch up, check out parts One, Two, and Three.

Day four of our vacation was dedicated to Mr. B living the fly fisherman’s dream. We started off our day at the Middle Provo River. After Mr. B took the five million hours it takes to get all his gear on, we headed on down to the water.

This was the point I pretty much held my breath for the remainder of our time, as it looked like a snake would jump out at me every inch of the way. **Let me pause here in my story to tell you about me and snakes. I have what they call a phobia. Not the ewww, they scare me kind of phobia. I’m talking the black out, hyperventilating, check every room before I enter, never go in high grass, look under my covers every single night before bed, kind of phobia. So now that you understand that fun fact about me, I’ll go on.**

Acting brave 🙂

Little B and I took in the beautiful scenery, snapped some photos, and watched Mr. B fish. Once he found an area where the river was slower, he had an easier time, but no fish.

In my best Animal Planet announcer voice…”This is the fly fisherman in his natural habitat. See how he gently moves his head about as if to detect the wind speeds and direction.” In all seriousness though, I ♥ this photo of Mr. B.

With a somewhat bored kiddo and a scared to death wife, he called it and we headed out. That of course is when I ran into a dreaded snake and lost my poo for a bit. I pushed gently directed Mr. B and Little B out of my way and ran to the car with arms waving and screaming at the top of my lungs quickly walked to the car.

We decided to check out Cascade Springs next and thankfully chose the road less traveled (or not easily found on GPS anyway). This scenic drive was beautiful and the highlight of the day.

Cascade Springs was a fairly popular spot, but not so crowded that you were bothered by it. It was pretty, but the pictures we had seen online had our expectations set way to high. It’s a fun path to easily hike, and worth stopping if you’re nearby. The drive to it is definitely the highlight though.


We finished up the scenic drive on our way back to the cabin and then called it a night…a nightmare filled snakes chasing me. Actually the plan for the next day was a trip to Young Living’s Lavender Farm, so visions of lavender fields danced in my head.

Stay tuned for Part 5…


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