Utah Vacation: Part Three

I’ve been sharing our summer vacation adventures to the Salt Lake City area. If you need to catch up, check out Part One and Part Two.

Our third day in Utah was one of the few days where we had planned and booked a specific event. After a leisurely breakfast, we headed out to Heber City to take a ride on the historic Heber Valley Railroad. They have a variety of rides and events throughout the year, and we happened to catch their Wild West Days. This was a short train ride complete with train robbers and sing-alongs. After the train ride there was a street gun fight, pony rides, snacks, and a magic show.

The train ride was enjoyed by all, the show was just okay. We ended up leaving right after the gun fight started. Little B was not feeling the gun shots.

On a local area map we found Heber Valley Artisan Cheese, a dairy farm where you could order grilled cheese sandwiches made fresh from their farm and ice cream sourced through Utah State University. Since I’m a lover a cheese and farm to table, I knew we would be checking this place out. I ordered up a grilled cheese with their queso fresco verde and some huckleberry ice cream. So, so good! I bought some lavender chedder, tomato basil curds, and fudge. I followed that up with a pat on the back for not buying all the cheese. Cheese = life.

We took off toward Park City. I had heard that the shopping and restaurants in Park City are top notch. The main street is really active and reminiscent of some college towns I have been to. We didn’t try any restaurants, but I could tell there were some great local options. The shopping left plenty to be desired. All in all this town was young and hip and I’m sure would have been a different experience if just Mr. B and I. It definitely didn’t seem to fit our family vibe.

Since we were in Park City, we had to check out Utah Olympic Park.

This was worth a stop and had plenty to do. There is a museum that is free, but we didn’t have time to check it out. Rain storms kept randomly popping up, as they often will do in the mountains.  We were still able to go on a ride between rain. We rode the ski lift up to the top of the mountain and then the boys took the Alpine Slide down the mountain….think luge in a metal car.

The Alpine Slide

I chose to take a peaceful ski lift ride back down, since only two could fit in the car. Plus, the mom in me would have been giving the brake way more love than I’m sure Mr. B did. We watched the Flying Ace Allstar practice, which was entertaining.

I can’t imagine landing in a pool with skis on! It was getting late, so we had to make our way back to the cabin. There was really so much more we could have done. If you make the trip, plan to spend several hours here.

Stay tuned for Part Four…

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