Utah Vacation: Part Two


I’ve been sharing the highlights of my family vacation to Utah this summer. You can check out Part One here.

We rented a cabin in Sundance, which is a beautiful ski resort town in the mountains about an hour south of SLC. The company we rented from is Stewart Mountain Lodging. The home was beautiful, clean, and they were very helpful and communicative (if you prefer the hands off/ leave me alone approach, just let them know and they will). One of the perks we had renting with Stewart Mountain was that we also received two passes to the Sundance Resort.

Sundance Resort

The Sundance Resort (you may have heard of their film festival and the clothing company), is owned by Robert Redford and was right down the road.  In the summer they turn the ski lifts into a scenic ride up the mountain to where mountain biking and hiking trails are located. Our passes got Mr. B and I a ride on Ray’s Lift and we just had to pay for Little B. We took the Mandan Short Loop and Dry Lake Loop hiking trails, about a 1.75 hike. We had originally planned on the Stewart Falls trail, but it was closed due to snow.

This was me and Little B’s first experience on a ski lift and I was freaking out pretty nervous . No one fell out and down the mountain…yay! The views were spectacular.

This is the Stewart Falls that we were originally going to hike to. We were still able to get several different views of it.

Once we reached the top we started our hike. This was our first experience where we actually hiked through snow in the mountains and I have to say that was pretty cool. We packed a lunch in our bags (Our very fancy and well outfitted packs. Because that’s just how Mr. B, the eternal Boy Scout rolls). Lo and behold a picnic table was perfectly situated on the mountain overlooking Stewart Falls. Lunch was however cut short by a rabid persistent squirrel.

We saw some of the most beautiful views from all our travels. I’ll let the pictures do the talking in this area.

Can you tell he was excited?
I love this photo so much. These two have my ♥!

Little B has become pretty obsessed with taking pictures. He shot this picture of us and we were pleasantly surprised!

We finished up our hike, ready to head back to the cabin and relax. We still had plenty of daylight left, and decided steaks grilled and served outside would be the perfect icing on the day.

Homemade caesar dressing.
We almost had a Whole30 compliant dinner, but we just couldn’t resist some bread and butter. But hey, we hiked….carbs were justified.

Our rental also had a hot tub, so Mr. B and I got some relaxing there too. I’m not a fan of hot tubs (I mean, you are essentially sticking yourself in a pot and boiling yourself), but it was nice having one when the temps were near freezing outside. Plus it was broken when we first got there and the rental company was so quick about sending someone to get it fixed, I had to make sure and put it to use.

Day two in the books. Stay tuned for Part Three!

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