Father’s Day

Dad’s do a lot and they don’t always get the credit they deserve. As a #boymom the role of Dad is so important in our house. Mr. B in invaluable and we love him so much!

You are their ultimate teacher; math, fishing, building, riding a bike, to throwing a ball. Most importantly the value of hard work and how to treat a woman.

You are the one that will playfully toss them around or chase or wrestle (sometimes a little too rough for our liking), getting the biggest smiles from our little ones.

You are the one that gently reminds us to give them room, when all we want to do is hover and protect (can anyone say monkey bars, climbing a tree, or jumping out of swings?).

You aren’t afraid to get dirty, smelly, or a little banged up (sometimes even with the kids ;)).

You are the great adventurer and happily will hike, camp, explore this world with them. All the while hoisting them up on those strong shoulders so they can take it all in.

If you think about it, us moms get all the hoopla. Our list of job duties do tend to outshine or outnumber our counterpart. I mean…we do have that growing and birthing a human thing on our side. However, in reality some of what we do as moms in our day to day role won’t leave near a lasting impression as you dads. So we honor you this Father’s Day with love and gifts.

Still needing to buy the dad in your life something? Here are some ideas where Young Living has you covered from personal care items, to health and fitness, to essential oils.

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What are you and your family doing to celebrate the Dads in your life? Share with us in the comments below!

Thank you Dads and Happy Father’s Day!

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