Essential Oils For Travel

Originally Published March 14, 2017

So you’ve joined the world of essential oils. You’ve drank the Kool Aid and have realized just how life changing and awesome they really are. Now spring break is here and you have to pack up your family for vacation and leave your new little babies at home…NOT! Traveling is the perfect time to incorporate your box of wellness and other Young Living products.

I want to share with you which oils are always coming with me and why.


Thieves– Because you want your immune system to have the most support it can while out in crowded popular places! Combine with water and  a pinch a salt in a spray bottle for a Thieves spray.

Stress Away– “Are We There Yet?” Need I say more?

Lemon– Drink this in your water each day and your body will love you.

Peppermint– We don’t always treat our bodies the best when on vacation, take this one just in case! Also helps to ease nausea.

R.C.– Often times when climates and elevations change our respiratory system needs support.

DiGize– Well because it’s vacation and deep fried butter sounded like a good idea.

Peace & Calming– When emotions are running high and little spirits are all wound up, this is your best friend.

Purification– Musty tent, questionable hotel room, car after a cross country drive…

Lavender– If you have skin, your skin wants you to bring this oil to support it.

Deep Relief– This is my go to for head support, especially during times of stress. Also, when we hike that extra mile my body thanks me for this oil later.

Make sure you take a carrier oil with you! I love Young Living’s
V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil. It’s a good carrier oil to use for various applications and comes in a convenient bottle with a pump or lid for secure travel.

You’ll also want to transport your oils in a safe way. When I fly I put them in a plastic baggie (Be sure you’re following TSA liquid guidelines). This way they can stay with me and I can ensure they are upright (pressure changes may cause them to leak) and I can use them on the plane (they make great conversation starters!).

When traveling by car I love this travel case for carrying in my purse and this case for when I need to take all the oils with me.

Do you want to get your own box of wellness? If you’re ready to join the world of essential oils and start your journey of a healthier body and home, I highly recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best group of starter oils and at a discounted price!

What are your travel oil necessities?

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