May 2017- Monthly Promotions

Monthly Promotions

I don’t know about you, but here in Oklahoma those April showers brought May flowers. I love this time of year. It’s not 120 degrees yet, and the temperature outside is just right for sitting on the porch, going to the zoo, and of course BBQs. With a new month, comes NEW PROMOS! This month Young Living’s promos are all about MOM. For those new to Young Living, these promos are another great benefit for their members. Each month they have FREE products they give away when your order reaches a certain PV amount (PV usually equivalent to $). To qualify for the freebies you must place a single Quick Order and/or Essential Rewards order (only essential rewards orders will earn the Essential Rewards Exclusive oils) that meets one of the above PV requirements. When you do that, voila!….Young Living sends the qualifying product FREE with your order.


Let’s take a closer look at these FREEBIES.

Extra freebie this month is another bonus ER exclusive 5ml bottle of orange when you have a 100PV order. I love this freebie! If you are purchasing your Premium Starter Kit, go ahead and sign up for ER while you’re at it! With your 50PV ER order and the kit you’ll get this FREE oil.

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive 5 ml Tangerine– This citrus oil is so bright and fresh. It is one of my favorite calming oils!

5 ml Jade Lemon– This oil has such a crisp and clean scent. I love to diffuse this one to create my own indoor sunshine.

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive 15 ml Citronella– I’m sure you’re all familiar with this plant and most of you probably have a citronella tiki torch or candle outside. This oil is a great addition to your outdoor experience. Use it to create a body spray for the family or diffuse while sitting on the porch.

5 ml Ravintsara– This is another great oil to have on hand for respiratory support!

AgilEase– This is a supplement that my husband does not allow us to run out of. It’s wonderful for supporting healthy joints.

5 ml Manuka– Mom’s pamper yourself and your skin by adding this oil to your moisturizer. If  your feeling nice, maybe share it with your husband and kids too.

5 ml Valor– dah-dah-dah-DAAAH the new Valor has been released! Hoarders of the original Valor swear it smells the same. Use this oil to promote feelings of calming or confidence. Try adding it to a back massage too!

Any items designated as ‘Essential Rewards Exclusive’ are only available on qualifying Essential Rewards orders.

If you’re ready to join the world of essential oils and start your journey of a healthier body and home, I highly recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best group of starter oils and at a discounted price!

Happy May!

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