Oily Creations: Creepy Crawler Away Spray

Oily Creations: Creepy Crawler Away Spray

Now that the sun is up later and the days are warmer, we are spending a lot more time outdoors. Hiking, fishing, and just enjoying nature are high up on our list of family activities. While I love enjoying nature, I do not love nature enjoying me as an all you can eat buffet. Conventional sprays contain some pretty scary ingredients; scary enough to make you wonder which is worse…the spray or the bite?

I’m so thankful for my Young Living essential oils and this DIY creation. Mix it up now, so that you and your family are ready to enjoy the outdoors annoyance free.

Patchouli is another oil that can be added to this mixture, and additional Lemongrass can be added too (Lemongrass is already an oil contained in Purification).

One family activity on my bucket list is an outdoor movie. I’m hoping to make that a reality this summer. You can bet this will be on hand….with lots of popcorn!

What fun ways do you and your family enjoy the outdoors? Share your comments below!

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