Stories For My Son #6

Stories For My Son

Originally published in July 2014

Today, I’m continuing my journey of documenting stories about me to share with my son. I’m following topics that were provided by You can find a list of previous topics and posts at the bottom of this page.

If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?

1. Guaranteed financial security. But, we get no guarantees in life. So, your mom and dad just save, save, save for that rainy day. That’s why you don’t get toys until your birthday or Christmas, except when we bribe you…like potty training. Thankfully, a lot of your family members gift you money. Unfortunate for you, it goes in an account you won’t know about until adulthood :).
2. Time. I would wish for more time in the day, week, or year. It goes so fast, so I spend as much as I can devoted to our family. I would like to have some more time to spend on my friendships and myself. So If I could wish, I’d want more time.
3. Wow…I really can’t think of a third thing to wish for! I’d say a trip to Europe, but I’d already do that with the first two wishes of time and money. I really live a blessed life. I don’t need much more.

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