Stories For My Son #1

Stories For My Son

Originally published in June 2014

I came across a pin from that encouraged moms to write 30 things your child should know about you.

When I was in college my dad would pass through my college town every Thursday on business. We would go eat at the same Mexican restaurant and believe it or not, the free food was not my favorite part of this. My dad would tell me stories. Stories about him, my mom, me, my brother all through various stages of life. It was the first time that he really told in depth, honest stories to me like I wasn’t a child anymore. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. After the teenage stage of shutting my parents out, it brought us closer.

When I came across this idea, it reminded me of that important time. I knew I wanted to do that for my son some day. I’m going to try to tackle one of her 30 topics each week, until I get them done. I encourage you to do the same. Your children and grand children will appreciate more than you’ll ever know.

List 20 random facts about yourself. 

1. I like numbers to be even or multiples of five, and will adjust the volume to one of those numbers even if it’s not the right volume.
2. I knew I would marry your father within one second of seeing him enter the room, and told anyone who would listen.
3. I am terrified of snakes. Even typing the word snakes makes me have a weird convulsion.
4. I’ve sang a lot of karaoke in my day.
5. I love food. I love looking at it, eating it, learning about it, and cooking it. I love everything about food.
6. I new I was pregnant with you before I ever took a test. It was on Mother’s Day when your Dad and I were in Denver, and I just knew that I was pregnant.
7. While I waited on the test I was in our coat closet during a tornado warning.
8. I’m an incredibly fast reader.
9. I don’t like to be wet or in water.
10. My closest friends that I still have today, have been my friends since the day I was born.
11. When I was a kid I swore I would never fly on an airplane. When I was in college, a friend was taking flying lessons and somehow talked me into going up with him. So, my first flight was in a four seater plane from Commerce to Dallas at night.
12. I’ve never played any competitive sport.
13. I still to this day cannot comprehend how I came to own a business, and succeed at it.
14. Inside if the temperature is 72 it’s too hot, 70 is too cold, 71 is just right. It baffles your dad.
15. I want to own an event planning company so bad.
16. I can’t visualize direction and placement. Asking me to picture a piece of furniture here or telling me that some store is North of such and such, is a waste of time.
17. Your Nana wouldn’t let me color my hair when I was younger, so I would use bleach to try and lighten it. It didn’t work and a couple times I spilled bleach on the carpet.
18. In my room growing up, I let everyone that came over write in my closet. It’s still there and it’s quite a collection of history.
19. On the side of my right middle finger I have some dark spot under my skin that has been there since I was little. It looks like I got stabbed with a pencil lead, but I didn’t. No clue how it got there.
20. After a couple years of trying, my friends talked me into camping with them one summer. I got Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from it.

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